My 2024 Crypto Investing Strategy

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail

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The market has been on fire the past week.

As I’m writing this, Bitcoin is up 13% and is now back over $52,000.

Big money has been flowing into the market as Bitcoin ETFs have received over $2 billion in inflows in the last 4 days.

And things are just getting started.

Ethereum ETFs are speculated to be coming soon which should open up the door for massive inflows as we’ve seen with Bitcoin.

When Bitcoin and Ethereum pump, the rest of the market skyrockets. We’re already starting to see it happening now with various altcoins up more than 30-100% in just a few days.

It’s essential to have a strategy in place before the true mania hits. Otherwise, you’ll fall trap to FOMO and make costly mistakes.

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

To help you get started, here’s my investing plan for 2024:

  • 60% of my portfolio in Bitcoin and Ethereum

  • 40% of my portfolio across 4-5 gaming tokens

  • DCA every 2 weeks

  • Play games like Decentral Games, Oh Baby Kart, and Sugartown

Let’s break each one down.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

I call these my “forever holds”.

They’re the market leaders and have stood the test of time. I’m able to be hands-off on most of my portfolio and I get peace of mind knowing that there’s a good chance they’ll survive cycle after cycle.

Twitter gurus will preach that you need to risk it all on the next big thing—but keeping it simple and making Bitcoin + Ethereum the foundation of your portfolio is the real alpha.

Just buy BTC and ETH


I’m mega bullish on gaming and believe games will onboard the masses into web3.

Teams have been building for the last couple of years and we’re now starting to see some quality web3 games launch.

And last week, Disney announced they’re collaborating with Fortnite to build an open virtual universe and are investing $1.5 billion into Epic Games. Both companies have also recently been experimenting with NFTs.

Currently, I’m holding 2 gaming tokens:

  • Decentral Games ($DG): The first licensed Metaverse casino.

  • Shrapnel ($SHRAP): A first-person extraction shooter game.

I’m planning to add 2-3 more tokens to my portfolio. Right now I have my eyes on:

  • Oh Baby Games: Their main game is a racing game similar to Mario Kart but they also have more games on the way. Read my quick overview.

  • MapleStory Universe: This game originally launched in 2003 and has over 180 million registered players. I spent many hours of my childhood playing. They’re planning on launching their web3 ecosystem this year.

  • Blast: This is an L2 network that’s set to go live later this month. I’ll be watching to see what games launch here.


Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) every two weeks is how I manage volatility and avoid FOMO.

Forcing myself to stick to a schedule ensures I consistently invest, especially during major dips. And it stops me from chasing the hot new trend.

It also reduces a lot of my decision-making.

Not worrying about when to invest frees up my energy to focus on other things like writing this newsletter and playing web3 games.

Playing Games

Investing in tokens isn’t the way to get involved.

You can also play games to earn tokens or NFTs. If you’re starting out with limited funds then this is a great way for you to invest your time instead.

The 3 games I plan on dedicating my time to this year are:

  • Decentral Games: I want to level up my poker skills and join tournaments to win token prizes.

  • Oh Baby Games: I’m having tons of fun playing Oh Baby Kart. I’ve buying limited-edition skins and completing weekly challenges to earn loot boxes for rare items.

  • Sugartown: This is a new game I’ve been trying out and I plan on competing in future game events for a chance to win an Ora NFT.

Start making your plan now. And strap in cause we’re in for a wild ride this year.


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