Bitcoin is Just Getting Started

Playing the long game

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Picture this.

It was a sunny day and I was having coffee with my homie Mark.

We were catching up at a café, surrounded by the smell of freshly brewed beans, when the conversation took an unexpected turn.

Mark leaned in, his eyes wide with concern, and blurted out…

"Fifty… You’re still heavily invested in Bitcoin, right? I heard it’s up again after the massive dump last year. You should sell while you can!”

Mark was correct. After the massive crash, Bitcoin is up 80% this year. But selling now?

No way.

If you’re only focusing on short-term price movements then you’re missing the big picture.

In a world where money is literally infinite, Bitcoin is the ultimate scarce asset—and it’s becoming more and more scarce each year.

There are only 21 million bitcoins that will exist. That's it. No “money printer go brrrr”.

To put that in perspective: There are over 46 million millionaires worldwide. If every millionaire wanted just 1 bitcoin... well, they couldn’t have it.

As the years pass, the number of holders continues to grow and the available amount of Bitcoin on the open market decreases.

See, a cool thing about blockchain is that it’s completely transparent. Anyone can look into the blockchain data and see all transactions, who is selling, who is holding, and more.

Look at the data and you’ll see that nearly 70% of Bitcoin’s supply hasn’t moved in over a year and has continually grown over the past decade.

A chart showing the percentage of Bitcoin's supply that hasn't moved in a year

Percent of Bitcoin’s Supply That Hasn’t Moved in 1+ Years from Glassnode

In recent months, big players like BlackRock and Fidelity have filed applications to launch a Bitcoin ETF. In simple terms, it’s a stock that represents Bitcoin.

Setting up a digital wallet and navigating the world of crypto can be a daunting task. Bitcoin ETFs are a friendlier way for people to invest in Bitcoin. It also increases the legitimacy of Bitcoin as an asset to the public and opens the door for the big money on Wall Street to invest in it.

Now, I don’t know what the price of Bitcoin will be in the next couple of years.

But I do know that in an increasingly digital world, digital assets will become more important and more in demand.

Especially an asset that can’t be printed by the government or counterfeited. An asset that is verifiably scarce and that you have true ownership of.

Investing is all about playing the long game. Bitcoin and web3 is a multi-decade trend that’s just getting started.


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