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Blast ecosystem is now live

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I was sitting in my kitchen when I got the news.

Last Friday night, Blast announced the winners of their Big Bang competition. The winning teams will get support from Blast to build on their network and a substantial airdrop.

Over 3,000 teams applied and only 47 were selected. My team, Decentral Games, was one of the winners—and damn what a great feeling it was to see our name on the list.

If you missed last week’s newsletter, Blast is the first L2 network with native yield.

By simply having funds on the network, you can earn interest and Blast Points which will be redeemable for BLAST tokens in May.

The network went live yesterday and most (if not all) of the winning apps have already pledged to use their competition airdrop to reward their users.

I urge you to take some time and explore the Blast ecosystem.

It pays to be early and test things in crypto. People have made life-changing money from airdrops and it’s bout to be raining airdrops all over the Blast.

Airdrops are a great way to boost your portfolio and investing a little time each week to try out new apps can go a long way.

To start diving into the Blast ecosystem, check out the Big Bang winner list.


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Be sure to use a burner wallet when testing new apps! Never put your long-term funds at risk.

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